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We create software that fits your needs

We specialise in creating dedicated software from scratch together with the client. To streamline the process, we use agile working. Terminal management systems, process automation, digital transformation and app security are our main focus. Our solutions are primarily based on Java technologies and the apps we create aim to make selected business processes run more smoothly. We advise our clients on how they can streamline their operations or increase efficiency in selected parts of their business. 

creative process

How our software is created?

Throughout the creative process, we remain in regular contact with the client. This enables us to share our progress on the project and clarify requirements as needed. We prefer the Continuous Delivery approach, in which each step is repeated at short intervals agreed on with the client. This enables us to receive feedback as quickly as possible and build a system that fits the client’s needs and preferences. 

Analysis and specifications

It all begins with conversations with the client – getting to know the problem, and analysing the system’s processes and business assumptions. This stage also includes developing the basic technical assumptions. 


Our programmers create the system’s components based on the chosen specifications, with an emphasis on security and attention to detail. 


Working with testers, our programmers prepare a set of manual and automatic tests to verify whether the system works correctly and is in line with specifications. 


Once the system has been verified, we are ready to pass it on to the client. We propose an installation method tailored to the system. 


Our objective

is clear — your satisfaction and a product that you can rely on for years to come! 

Our vision

we want to transform the world of business. By streamlining processes and eliminating problems, we can boost your company’s profits, enabling you to develop your business! 

Over 300 satisfied clients!